Hunter #11

Hunter came to us about a year ago this week and we couldn’t be happier with this big goof ball. In typical Labrador fashion, he makes us laugh and get our exercise chasing after him nearly every day.

We had an unexpected start to our adoption when Hunter swallowed a sock and had to have emergency surgery to remove it. This was about 5 months into the adoption. We have had previous experience with Labradors stealing items around the house, but with Hunter, he has an uncanny ability to steal (and swallow) things incredibly quick! But we have adapted. Now, if you come to our house, you’ll understand why all the bedroom doors are closed, there are no pillows in sight, no throw rugs and no hand towels at his level. He just loves all things soft and will promptly steal an item and gleefully run around the house waiting for someone to notice. Hence, more exercise for us!

In addition, to making his humans more “fit”, Hunter loves his sister dog, Molly. They get along perfectly. Hunter was the perfect match for our Molly, who is more on the timid side. He brings out the best in Molly and we love him for it! Just watching them run and play in the yard is so special for us.

Hunter is incredibly lovable and loyal. He has no idea what personal space is because he is permanently in yours. ❤️ Now, onto the mud…this dog LOVES water. And since we have a creek in the front yard, you can only imagine his delight…and the mud! Oh the mud!

Thanks so much for all that you do at Brookline! We are forever grateful to have this big, lovable goof ball in our lives!!