Kayla #4 & Cindy Lou

Kayla #4black Labrador Retrieverblack Labrador Retriever

Twelve years of age and old injuries to her hind legs don’t hold Kayla back from enthusiastically taking every walk offered to her and making the most of it, and she has lost her excess weight. She chases rabbits, and she prances and barks whenever she sees another dog. She also barks diligently at the sound of the mail carrier and anyone else making a delivery, and she barks to let us know when she’s ready to come inside. She is no shrinking violet.

Kayla most enjoys the backyard when other members of the pack are with her, and she’s been happily excavating a brick she found out there and eating the dirt. She occasionally makes herself comfortable on the sofa, but she likes it best when she can join someone there. If the sofa is crowded, she will try to wedge herself in with everyone. During meals, she is likely to be found under the dining table.

She makes a point periodically to assert her authority over her bonded sister, Cindy Lou, and they remain a devoted pair. Kayla is a glutton for ear rubs from her people and ear licks from Cindy Lou.

Kayla is a loving addition to our family and gives a warm welcome to guests and any service technician who visits. She also has a knack for showing up whenever the youngest family member is upset and giving him some comfort. We hope to enjoy her company for quite some time.

Cindy Lou

yellow Labrador Retrieveryellow Labrador RetrieverCindy Lou has a big personality, but happily, she is closing in on a healthy weight. As a result, her mobility has much improved, but she doesn’t hesitate to sit frequently during walks to take in the view; wait for her bonded sister, Kayla; or inform us that she’d rather forego a walk almost immediately, thank you very much. When Cindy Lou takes a longer stroll, she likes to pause frequently to snack on grass, and she barks loudly at any dog or human in sight.

She loves to hang out in the backyard, either alone or with pack members, and she’s dug out a depression just her size under the butterfly bush where she can lounge in the shade on a warm summer’s day. Lounging is one of her specialties. Never have we seen a dog so comfortable stretched out on her back, her gums spread to reveal most of her teeth, her eyes slits, her face basically that of a werewolf. She is hilariously terrifying.

Cindy Lou makes what her foster family called “Jurassic Park noises” to let us know when she thinks it’s time to eat, get her medication, go out, or receive affection. Happily, she has been free of seizures since we adopted her, and we hope that her current drug regimen will keep that problem under control.

Like Kayla, Cindy Lou is a loving addition to our family and gives a warm welcome to guests and any service technician who visits. We look forward to many years of laughter at her antics.