chocolate labrador retriever and a manMy name is Keisha and I was leading a so-so life on a farm in some small town in PA for the first 5-6 years of my life. Life on the farm was ok but there were too many nights spent sleeping in a barn that smelled REALLY bad and I began to wonder if there might be more to life for me. All that changed when i was turned over to a foster family through the Brookline Lab Rescue. I didn’t even know what a foster family was, but they let me stay indoors, gave me TONS of affection, and even let me sleep in a comfy dog bed! Life was looking pretty solid with the foster family and I thought this was a good as it was gong to get for me…but, boy, was I wrong! After a few weeks with the foster family, they began to talk about finding me a “forever home”. Just like I never heard of a foster family before, I had no idea what a “forever home” was but since the foster folks were so cool, I figured I’d see what this “forever” thing was all about.

chocolate labrador retriever shakingNext thing I know, I’m in a car heading to meet some guy named Dave and he was going to try me out as a family member for two weeks to see if we hit it off. As soon as I met Dave, I knew that THIS was as good as it gets for a dog like me. It was hard saying goodbye to my foster family but Dave gave me so much love and affection from the start, I knew we were going to be a perfect match. And don’t get me started about the fun we’ve had from day 1. EVERYTHING is fun with this guy. Our first night together there was this football game on called the Super Bowl. The game sucked big time but I didn’t care. Dave and I laid together on the couch and watched some pretty boy named Tom Brady win the Super Bowl but I didn’t care since I was with Dave Over the next two weeks, Dave and I became best pals and do almost everything together. There are SO many dogs on the block that I’ve met and all of the neighbors treat me like a rock star!! Tonight, Kait from Brookline came to our house and Dave signed a few papers and next thing I know, I’m being told I can stay here forever!! Jackpot!! I’m so glad everything worked out the way it did and I can’t thank Kait, my foster family, and Brookline for getting me hooked up with such a sweet setup.

chocolate labrador retriever nose up


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