Levi #3

Mom started out fostering me, but after day 2 she just couldn’t resist, I was so good.  She said I had some pretty big shoes to fill because of the other two Brookline labs she had, but she said I am doing a good job.  Of course, we are all Brookline dogs!

I listen really well, (better than my sister, Sabrina), I don’t counter surf, get into trash, chew things I shouldn’t.  Mom thinks somebody did some training with me because I know sit, stay, leave it, come.  She says I am either trained or pretty darn smart.  I say I’m that smart!

Sabrina and I play and play and play.  Good thing Sabrina has lots of fur cause I grab a mouth full of fur and skin and pin her down.  Mom yells 2 points.  Then Sabrina bites my rear legs and I go down and Mom yells 2 points. She said it has something to do with wrestling, whatever that is.   Sometimes when were tired we just lay face to face and play laying down.  We even share toys, lick peanut butter off the same plastic knife, each having one side of the knife..Sometimes we kiss lol.

When it is bedtime, I go to bed with Mom and Sabrina has free roam.  Sabrina likes to lay on the kitchen marble floor cause it is cool and I like to cuddle and as long as I lay my head on Mom I’m a happy guy!