Luna #6

Since first seeing Luna and her story, the connection just felt strong and I knew she needed to be with us. I reached out to Brookline and completed all of the paperwork, etc…The screening process that Brookline does is just remarkable. I was able to first meet Sue, who I can’t say enough great things about. She had the best interest of Luna at heart and wanted to make sure this would be a good fit for all of us. Sue I can’t thank you enough for your passion, professionalism and heart doing what you do.

I never thought I would be a dog Mom, never mind “that” Lab Mom….Luna is almost 10 year old and she has a sister who is also almost 10. Her name is Pearl and she is a silver lab. We met Luna, her foster mom Katie, foster grandma and Sue met on July 17, 2022. Luna was timid but overall seemed ok. Luna and Pearl liked each other but also were independent and each did their own thing. Katie was just so reassuring and gave me some background and tips, especially that Luna has a sweet tooth…rice krispy treats and also marshmallows…which all hold true still today, except X 2, Pearl now has the same sweet tooth! Luna walked with me and we were able to get her into the truck. Katie said to expect that Luna will lay on the floor of the back seat, while Pearl hangs out the window.

We got Luna home and she was definitely scared but also a little inquisitive. She ate and took treats, went outside in yard and found her spot to sleep and be in her comfort zone.

Every day, we have seemed to have progress with Luna. In the past Luna was not good with men, teenagers or anyone who wore hoodies. The only thing that seems to be still an issue is when someone is in a hoody. She barks. So, the men thing, well she likes her Dad more than me, I can’t deny it but it is totally true. She goes to him, gives him kisses, etc. She does like her Mommy as she always has to be in sight of me, but not always sure of me. Sometimes will walk with me in the harness, other times will want nothing to do with me. Luna is definitely her own person. Luna loves to be where Pearl is, doesn’t matter if it is in the office when Mom is working or outside on deck at shore just hanging out.

As far as the rides in the truck, well, now we have 2 labs that hang out the window and sit on each side of the truck. It is so darn cute and she looks like she is just enjoying every minute of it.

Luna is now a dog who likes the shore, actually goes in the water a bit, which foster mom Katie said was a big step forward. Luna loves getting a bath on the deck at the shore house in Wildwood or the front porch at home. If Pearl does it first, Luna waits for her turn.

Luna wasn’t fond of steps, well that isn’t true anymore! She does steps, lays on the landing while Mom works, she even has slept upstairs. We did get her in bed a couple times and she stayed the entire night! She jumped down in the morning!

Her personality is quirky, she is still skittish but seems to be settled when in her home environment. Luna loves to be with one of us and if Mom leaves, sits by the window or door looking for her, until she comes home. Luna has had some accidents here and there and an ear infection, which she allowed us to do the drops, with no problems. Her new special treat that she loves is Dog Ice Cream! Luna even picks it up and has started using her paws to hold.

It’s only been a little over 90 days that we all became a family. In those 90 days, Luna has not only grew and changed, but so have all of us. We are definitely the lucky ones and it has opened me up to rescue. My first pet was Pearl, so having Luna as my first rescue and an older dog, just shows that even newer pet parents can do it. Thank you Brookline for giving us an opportunity but also giving us a blessing in having Luna as part of our family!

Tracey, Bob, Pearl and Luna