Maggie #16 (now Maggie Mae)

They called her Lady Stray, sweet Maggie Mae. We all had so many questions about how, why and where she had been lost, and not found. And now after weeks of Maggie sharing her life with us, we know for sure that she was loved all along her difficult travels. Continued thanks to Maggie’s kind and caring rescue family in Mississippi, her kind and caring Brookline foster family in western Pennsylvania and our kind, caring and marvelous volunteer Lou.

We are feeling so fortunate to have Maggie to complete our family, and are most thankful to have a pack member for our 9 year old Jake, our wonderful Brookline alumni. And for the record, Maggie has slimmed down to a sweet, most affectionate 86 pounds of pure love!

May all of the dog lovers out there be as fortunate as we are!
Thank you Brookline!