black Labrador Retriever laying downblack Labrador Retriever I have to say Maggie is the sweetest! She came to us at the end of October, if memory serves, and in the short time she’s been a part of our family we find we love her more and more each day.

The left photo shows her as a “sun worshiper.” She loves sitting on the deck in the middle of the day and napping or just enjoying the fresh air. Honestly, I think she’s keeping an eye out for the bunny that lives under our pool shed and I’ve given serious consideration to changing her name to “Elmer” as in “Elmer Fudd” because she looks like she really wants to get that rascally rabbit. (No worries, I’ve made sure our “Bugs Bunny” will not end up as Elmer’s, I mean Maggie’s,dinner.)

The right photo shows her patiently waiting for me to take the picture so she can have her cookie. I think her eyes are beautiful and are a mirror into her beautiful soul. She’s so very loving, except when she’s teasing Fenway, her black lab brother. They adore each other but just like siblings she knows exactly how to push his buttons which typically leads to the zoomies around the house or yard.

Maggie’s also quite the athlete and, I believe, she could be a frisbee catching world champ! Alas, that will never come to pass for two reasons: one, I hate to admit it but I am not a world champion caliber frisbee thrower and two, Fenway always steals it from her when she’s on her way back to try and take credit. That’s okay she’s told me she prefers the low key country life and doesn’t want to leave the comforts of home to go on any frisbee champion tour. I told her I agree that she’s definitely in her forever home and we’d miss her dearly if she were to take on the glamorous lifestyle of a world frisbee competitor.

On a more serious note, we are currently taking a training course with Bob Staples of Bob’s Pet Stop and are hopeful the training will help us with her fear of walking on leash. She’s happy in our home and loves running and playing in the backyard but when we leave the confines of the yard something changes and her head goes on swivel looking for danger, so in order to keep her safe we’ll work with Bob because we really hope that she can go for walks.

Maggie is nudging me with her nose as I close out this note reminding me it’s cuddle time so let me go and love on her. Please know that she’s in her forever home and we love and adore her!

Warmest regards,

Elisa, Joline, Fenway and Maggie

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