Marley #14

Marley would like to thank everyone from the rescue and kennel who helped her get to her forever home! She has been here about 2 months and now lives with another former Brookline farm dog and a 15 year old lab. She got along fine right from the start with our older lab and it took her and our younger lab a week or so to accept living together but now they are thick as thieves! Marley is loving life in a home and thrives on having a daily routine and consistency. As it seems with a lot of other former farm dogs, she has some quirks but she is very smart and is treat/praise motivated and listens well. She has learned some basic commands, is whistle trained and knows to wait for her food. She has always been pretty good on a leash. She is a work in progress on curbing her desire to steal dinner off the kitchen counters (partly our fault if we are still leaving food out😄) and also in meeting new people, especially men. They generally scare her. She is getting used to the men that regularly visit us. This will take time and patience (and lots of treats) and we continually work with her. She loves women and generally warms up to them quickly. She loves being with us and she loves being outside. She is a big goofball and fits in perfectly with our family. We enjoy working with her to help her further acclimate to house life! We are so happy that we have her here. Marley makes us laugh every day!