Milo #2

We officially adopted Milo (9 yrs.), a male black lab on May 12, 2021. He is our third senior adoptee from Brookline, each dog has been wonderful (Cooper 2017-18, Max 2018-21) and came from different circumstances. Milo is slightly younger than the first 2 (10 ½). He is very friendly with people and other dogs, he has a higher energy level and likes to play and socialize with other dogs. He has made a best friend with another Brookline adoptee named Rocky, who happens to be a neighbor and friend of ours. We get the boys together (depending on weather) often during the week. When Milo meets people at our door he always has some toy or favorite bone in his mouth to show his retriever skills. When people take the time to pet him he will lay on his back so they can give him tummy rubs that he likes. He is a great addition to our family, in fact fate must have been at work because Milo became available shortly after we had updated our records with Brookline a few weeks after Max had sadly passed. black Labrador RetrieverOur representative called and told us about Milo and thought he would be a great match. She was right! On the day we started the trial period we knew he was for us. When she checked with us that night we told her we wanted to keep him. Milo is a sweet, smart, loving boy, there are not enough adjectives to describe how great he is. Thank you Val and Brookline for a super match. Senior dogs may not live as long as we would like but during their time with us they give us unconditional love. They come to Brookline for many different reasons and we are lucky enough to give them good loving homes.
Fran & Bernie