Molly is a 2-year-old chocolate Lab that came into my life in September 2023. Right from the start, I said I was given an angel. I was told that she came from a farm and lived in two other houses before she was rescued by Brookline. I couldn’t understand why someone would give up this sweet dog. When I got her, Molly was already house trained. She was the star dog at the training class, picking up commands faster than any of the other dogs. I believe Molly’s success was the result of all the hard work of Molly’s foster mom, Deb. Deb worked with Molly for months before I got her. She housetrained her and taught her commands like sit and stay. She socialized Molly with other people and dogs. Deb was so concerned about Molly that she drove from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to make sure Molly felt comfortable with me and her new home.

Molly’s success and the success of all the dogs that come through Brookline is because of all the hard work of the forest parents. Without these dedicated men and women working endlessly to provide food, shelter, and love, Molly and dogs like her would not have the opportunity to find their forever home.


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