Molly #22

yellow Labrador Retriever with Santa and womenyellow Labrador RetrieverMy husband & I adopted Molly last August, 2019. She is a 2 year old yellow lab mix ( lab/pit bull ). The biggest issue with Molly when we were introduced to her is her aggression toward other dogs. She would growl & lunge toward every dog she would see. Brookline was very honest & upfront about Molly’s aggression. They had a wonderful trainer (Eileen – “ A Well Mannered Mutt”) work with Molly & a super foster mom Jackie who gave her lots of love & followed Eileen’s recommendations.Well I am so happy to share how well Molly is doing!😀 I think she knows she has found her “furever” home. She has settled in so nicely. On her walks, she no longer growls & rarely barks at another dog, even if other dogs bark at her! Our biggest concern is if another dog should get loose in the neighborhood. Well it happened 2 weeks ago. Thankfully, it couldn’t have happened with a cooler dog. Our neighbor’s dog, a golden retriever was playing frisbee with his owner & saw my husband walking Molly & ran to Molly. My husband was trying to restrain Molly while the golden came right up to her. They were nose to nose, tails wagging & no growling! That was a BIG breakthrough for Molly with trust issues with another dog. She saw the golden the next day & the same wonderful interaction took place. It truly made our day! We continue to follow Eileen’s training tips, which work so well with Molly, & our neighbors are so impressed with her progress.My daughter gave us the best Xmas present: she brought Molly to the pet store & had Molly’s photo with Santa. While we never thought Molly would be able to walk into a pet store with other dogs, she & my daughter did the impossible( never say never!).Thanks, Brookline, (& Sue – Brookline volunteer) for finding a great match for our family. We love Molly! ❤️🐶

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