Mya #2

yellow and black Labrador Retriever laying downYellow Labrador RetrieverI wanted to let everyone know that I love my new home and am doing great. I came to my new home in February with my new mom and dad and my fur sister Onyx who is also a Brookline dog. I get to go on lots of walks, play in the yard, play tug with Onyx and lounge on my own bed. You see in my other house I always chewed my beds but I don’t do that here. Onyx taught me that they are for lounging on and sleeping! I am really well behaved and have free roam of the house. I even stopped chewing stuffed toys (mom says mostly stopped)! And with all the exercise I am getting, I have lost some much needed weight! You can almost feel my ribs and I am getting a little bit of a waist! My mom and dad say I make them laugh with some of the things I do. My all time favorite is laying on my back for a belly rubs.

yellow and black Labrador Retriever laying downYellow Labrador RetrieverI have been working real hard on my walking skills to not pull quite as much. I am doing a lot better and recently starting running with my mom. She says I was born to run! I am signed up for a leash walking and greeting class but because of this COVID-19 stay at home order, training has been delayed. Hopefully by the time class starts I will have mastered leash walking and be the star of the class. My mom says she wants me to eventually be a certified therapy dog but that is also on hold due to COVID-19. But the really cool thing is that right now I am helping Onyx out with some of her virtual therapy sessions with FaceTime calls to the retirement community she visits and doing videos and Zoom for the elementary school.

Thanks Brookline for finding me my new home. My mom and dad thank you too!

Mya, Sue and Harry and Onyx

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