Pepper #8

black labrador retrieverblack labrador retriever on sofa Pepper had a rough beginning part of her life, having been a breeding momma on an Amish farm for almost 9 years. When she finally escaped that horror, she lived with an amazing Brookline foster family who saw her through though some scary medical issues, nourished her with food and love, and literally saved her life.

We followed Pepper’s blog and anxiously waited for the day that she was medically cleared and would be available for adoption. It felt like forever, but we were ecstatic when we got the call that we had been chosen to be Pepper’s family!
black labrador retrieverWe brought Pepper home on a rainy, dreary day in December. While we were hopeful that she would get along with our 5 year old lab/golden retriever, we were realistic that this was a big change for her (and us!) that would take time. Pepper was timid at first but quickly learned our routine, learned where the treats were kept, and learned the joy of sleeping on a soft bed.

To see Pepper today, you would never know what she went through in those first 9 years- and I hope she doesn’t remember it either. It melts my heart watching her cuddle up on the couch, snuggle with her sister, scarf down her food, and get excited for car rides. I hope she knows how much she is loved.

We are so grateful to Brookline’s dedicated volunteers for the compassion, care, and love that they give our faithful friends.

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