Poppy came home with me on May 7, 2023.  I met Deb, my wonderful Brookline volunteers, and Theresa, Poppy’s fabulous foster mom, in Warminster and brought this precious puppy home.  I know that she was not officially adopted by me until May 20th, but I really did “get her” on May 7th.

She is easy to love and has been since she walked into her new home.  She has many canine and human friends in our neighborhood.  We walk with several different neighbors and dogs every day.  She enjoys play dates in our yard frequently.

Poppy needed to learn how to get along with my grand cat.  The cat is a frequent visitor in my home for short and long stretches of time.  She did this very well after being hissed at when she got too close to the cat.  Now the two of them sleep with me when he is here.  They do very well together, which is a great relief and gift to me.

Poppy completed two training classes.  She loves to learn and did very well.  It was hard for her to resist playing with her classmates but she learned that you can’t always play.  Sometimes there is work to do!

Poppy has traveled with me to visit family.  She has been as far as Vermont, spending time on Lake Champlain and loved playing in the lake.  She is not yet swimming but loves playing in water where she can touch bottom.  We have a baby pool for hot summer days that she also loves to splash in.

Her very favorite toy is her giggle ball.  This was a gift from a neighbor and has become her go-to toy.  She never tires of playing with it.  She retrieves it with gusto and also plays soccer with it if she has no playmate.  She also enjoys ripping a squeaker out of a squeaker toy as an evening activity.

Poppy goes to Bedminster Canine Kamp weekly on Tuesdays for half a day of camp.   She loves camp and comes home exhausted every week.  She is well like by the staff of BCK and they take great care of her.

I cannot imagine Poppy living with anyone else but me.  She is a joy to have in my life and keeps me active.  We walk daily and usually put in 5 – 6 miles over 3 walks.  She loves walking in the snow with friends and romping around the yard after a snowfall.

Yesterday afternoon, which was May 7th, Poppy was the guest of honor at a neighborhood canine gathering to celebrate her first year here with me.  I baked cupcakes (a safe canine recipe) that were shared with her friends.  It was a wonderful afternoon for Poppy running around with friends and having a special treat to celebrate one year.  She had a blast.

I thank you for my beautiful canine.  I am grateful to Deb and Theresa for their help with my finding Poppy and being matched with her.  Rest assured that she is cherished, safe and happy in her home.  The sweetest little girl I’ve ever had.

Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever

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