black Labrador Retriever Mixblack Labrador Retriever Mix
I lost my lab mix companion of 7 years. I live alone and was feeling very lonely. I found Raine on this website and inquired about her. Went out to meet her and was taken aback by her size and exuberant jumping nature, she needed training. I am older and these things made me stop and consider. However, took one
black Labrador Retriever Mixblack Labrador Retriever Mixlook at that face and decided to go for it. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She is smart, listens, is quirky and curious and she makes me laugh. We have done a lot of work together to bring us where we are today. To emphasize what a wonderful creature she is I will tell you what happened. I broke my leg badly, I was in the hospital for a week. My neighbor’s took care a Raine for me.
The night I got home I was greeted so enthusiastically. I was in a wheelchair and would be for 3 months. That night this 74 lb dog sat on the ottoman in front of me and licked all of the 69 staples on my leg. She then moved up on me wrapped her paws around my waist and put her head on my stomach and slept with me the entire night. She walks with me everywhere always at my side never in the way of the wheelchair, walker or crutches. Seems to understand that if she’s not careful she could knock me over. I love her so much she is truly my Wonder Dog! I feel sorry for all the people that passed her up, they ar emissing someone wonderful. Go with your heart not your head.

Thank you so much to Sue and Terry at Brookline.

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