Roxy #8

Success Story! – Roxy was rescued from a breeder farm in September 2021.
After a few short weeks in Brookline foster care Roxy joined our pack! I’m not sure she knew what she was getting into with three human siblings under 4! Come to find out it was a match made in heaven! Roxy instantly gravitated towards the kids for endless belly rubs and treats!
Whether it’s a rainy-day watching movies or throwing a ball in the backyard, she always wants to be with her people! She has since become queen of the kingdom and has her choice of beds! She likes to bed hop, from in-between mommy and daddy to the guest room bed which is now “Roxy’s bed”, or at the feet of her human siblings where she protects and cuddles them!

We knew we would be a difficult placement for any dog with the little ones however I’m not sure there is a more perfect match than our Roxy girl!
Thank you for connecting us and completing our family!

-Jason, Dara, Lina, Carson and William