Samantha & Sierra

We have officially adopted the girls just about 4 months ago and I must say things are going very  well.
Samantha and Sierra were inseparable when they first came into our home.  The girls did not want to sleep apart, even though they each had new beds that were next to each other.  They even ate out of the same bowls, that did change quickly once they realized there was one for each and no sharing of food!.  Now they sleep in their own beds too! yellow and black labrador retrievers laying on couch
Samantha, Yellow Lab-mom, is a loving gentle soul.  She seemed relaxed when she came to us.  Adjustment went well. Had to have dental surgery when we first got her. She recovered well and is playful, loves stuffed animals, balls, bones and especially her Kong.  She has taken it upon herself to be sure that every night every Kong is  empty.  We have two or three Kongs depending on the number of dogs in the home at one time.  So….She will drop the Kong in your lap and will not stop until you break the treat in half so she can get it out.  she will only stop when all Kongs are empty!!
Sierra, Black Lab and daughter,  would not play at all, when she first came home.  She would just lay around and would go where ever her mom went.  She was like glue.  Samantha would play and lay toys near Sierra and Sierra would not even look at them, Quite Sad!  We tried all we could and did not give up!  Now she plays ball, chews her bones, carries her Kong around and an occasional stuffed animal, she is a happy girl, which makes Samantha happy too!   The funniest thing about Sierra is that after she eats her supper, she runs full speed into the living room, jumps on the couch, rolls on her back, makes all kinds of happy sounds and wiggles around for about a minute or two, then gets off the couch like nothing happened.  So hilarious!!  She is very comfortable and happy now!    Health wise, beside Sierra’s allergies (controlled with meds)  she is happy and healthy!  Sierra does have separation anxiety which we are constantly working on.  We have cameras in the home and we have watched her pace and bark, then Samantha will follow her around and bark too.  This is only when we are gone.  When we come home Sierra will jump at the door then jump at us with excitement. This is an issue that we have trouble breaking her of, any advice you have would be helpful.  We are working with treats and holding them down to keep her from jumping.  It is working slowly but We do know time and patience will help.
The girls do love to go for car rides and for walks, and walk fantastic together.  They also have a  synchronized squatting routine.  Quite funny!!  They are definitely a beautiful bonded pair!!
yellow and black labrador retrievers laying on deck
The girls are so loved by our family.  We have dog sat other family dogs, they all have adjusted well.  And most recently our daughter and husband along with our grandaughter Briella and Chloe, a yellow lab,  are living with us temporarily and the girls are getting along well with Chloe, of course after some dominance conversation, all is well!!
yellow labrador retriever and girl laying on deck
During the day, since I work at home,  they stay with me in my office  and will remind me to get up and move around to take them out!!    Great co-workers!!
All in all, thank you so much for being such a caring organization!  We are so much in love with these two beauties and blessed to be their ​​Mommy and Daddy!!  Thank you!!


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