Semper Fi

Chocolate Labrador Retriever and a womenSemper Fi and I became a family this past fall. He nestled in to his new home life easily, quickly and and has been a joy since day one.  He’s developed a path of yard patrol and has favorite stops all along our walks.  He has favorite spots to nap at various times of the day and always lands in his bed right next to mine by 9 pm.  This old guy ,at 12  1/2, has the wisdom of a “lab life time “that he can share at a glance.  He loves to rest his head on my leg and speaks volumes with out ever making a sound.  There’s something so special about a senior Labrador.  It’s a something that is nearly beyond description.   Having been blessed to share a 17 year life time with my last lab, I can say that I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have been blessed again with Semper Fi.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever and a womenA big thank you to all of the Brookline Family.  Your commitment to the welfare of the canines entrusted to your care is like no other organization that I have ever known.  A special thank you to Kristina and Liz for your understanding and encouragement every step of the way through the adoption process.  And with out a doubt, a great thank you to Dr. Timothy Ireland VMD and his veterinary team who have helped to optimize Semper’s health in order to assure an  excellent quality of life  And lastly a thank you to the family who made that hard decision to place Semper Fi in a new home.  You took the time to find an excellent organization to insure a good life for this gentle soul.  All of you together have given Semper and I a new chapter in our lives.

With Lab Love,

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