Chester (now Layla)

chester5 black Labrador Retriever, sleeping one girlchester4 black Labrador Retriever, man , women, tow girlsWe started our search for a lab and immediately loved Brookline’s approach- we felt like our volunteers really took the time to understand what our
family needed. We applied for Layla after talking it over with our awesome volunteer, Autumn, and we are so glad we were chosen to be her family! Layla
is the most beautiful female lab puppy- she was around 8 months when she came to us. She was so sweet when we met her, and small enough not to knock
over our kids. She has a TON of lab energy, she’s totally a puppy and if we turn our backs she surely will eat the chicken off the counter- or get herself stuck in the couch- but she’s smart and easy to train and makes us laugh daily.
chester3 black Labrador Retriever, man , women, tow girls
chester2 black Labrador Retriever, one girlWe knew finding the right fit of a dog who wasn’t an 8 week old puppy. She is still learning the ropes in our home, but she feels like part of the family and really loves our kids.She nearly knocks our three year old over in giggles licking her at the end of doggy daycare when we pick her up, and our five year old and Layla love playing hide and seek with treats or just sitting together on the floor while watching TV. We have taken her on 5k runs, to visit family, swimming in the creek, and on hikes- and she’s done great! We have worked with a trainee on her puppy behaviors and she’s really a fast learner. Adopting a young lab has been a total adventure, but Brookline has been there to help us and answer every question we have! We love our crazy Layla and are so happy she’s ours!

chester black Labrador Retriever laying on dog bed

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