Hello Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue and a great thank you for my furever family!

Tuuk (#3023) here.  I need to tell everyone that it’s pronounced Tuck as they get it wrong!

I had just turned one, when Dave and Rose came to see me.  Thought it wasn’t love at first sight, me not them, I quickly came to realize just how well off my life would be.  Just like my predecessor, Ashley, another Brookline rescue, we live on 70 acres of woods with lots of trails and a small stream.

What can I say?  I live the life of a Labrador!  After my breakfast, I get an hour long walk sans leash in the woods on our many trails.  WOW what smells and chipmunks to chase too!


Mom’s a Master Gardener and is in the process of designing a moon garden.  I, of course, am on guard duty while she’s working on it.


Dad leads day hikes for the Alpine Club of Williamsport. I should say we lead those hikes as  I’m always along to make sure we don’t get lost.  Hey lady is that phone is edible?


I must admit I do have trouble reading a map and leave that to dad!


I just turned two and mom and dad didn’t forget to celebrate my birthday.  Oh, while I didn’t get any people cake, the Kong was stuffed with dog friendly treats.  Can you make out the two candles?


I’m one hundred percent energy.  I can hike with dad for 8-10 miles, but I do know how to relax.


So, what’s the future hold?  All I can say is much more.  Dad’s co-writing a hiking guide for the Friends of Worlds End State Park.  We’ll be going on a lot of hikes for research.  I think it’s more to walk me!   What do you think?  Mom will be working on her garden so I’ll be involved there too.


A very lucky,


PS.  Don’t think you’ll get a repeat of my name!