Walker has settled in wonderfully.  We are definitely keeping him, not like there was any doubt…. He really loves his humans and fur sibling.  Still can’t believe how well he and Jameson get along.  Finally met the neighbor German Shepard.  She came to visit and they all played well together.  He wants to be everywhere Jameson is.  Also met the 2 little frenchies next door with no trouble.  He doesn’t like to be alone but did ok in the crate when I had to take Jameson to the vet.  His favorite silly thing to do is to bring his food dish into the living room.  Then he gets Jameson’s dish and brings that one too.  If the water is low enough in the water dish, he will bring that in too…
He has figured out how to jump in the vehicle (thank goodness) so I don’t have to lift him.  We had our first outing on Saturday.  Took him to meet my mom.  She is a tough sell but she loved him, said he could be a therapy dog he was that well behaved.  Then we went to our friends produce farm to pick out some flowers and have some ice cream.  Later that evening we went to the restaurant and dined on the patio.  He was a perfect angel and everyone loved him and wanted to know where we found him so Brookline got some good advertisement:).  I guess he is the new face of the restaurant (see sign photo).  That is our first lab (Murphy) we had back in the early 2000’s.
Walker stays right with us in the yard so I really don’t anticipate too much trouble as we work towards boundary training.  We got approval from the doggie daycare to bring Walker even though he isn’t fixed yet so we will try that once he gets his final distemper etc at the vet.  I just missed a training class that started on Saturday but the trainer said she had more in the works so hopefully we will get enrolled soon.
I want to thank you, Dee and Brookline in general for making this process so enjoyable.  We have rescued in the past and it was fine but it was much more “business” than focus on the dog getting in the right home.  Brookline clearly is focused on what’s best for the dog and finding them the right fit and a good home and the 2 week trial period is key.  We were fortunate and knew quickly that Walker was the one but it was nice knowing that we had some time to make sure it was going to work for Walker, Jameson and us.









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