Weston (now Buddy)

Hi everyone!
I’m sorry it’s been such a long time, but I’ve been super busy learning all about my new family and fur sisters.

I am so happy in my forever home. Mom and dad and my fur sisters Keke and Raya keep me busy every day. I’ve learned so many things! I learned how to walk on the deck, which is now one of my favorite places to hang out on a sunny day. I’ve been learning to not be afraid of the wood floors—mom spread small carpets around so I could walk from carpet to carpet. But now I’m exploring without the carpets which is so cool!
Did you know I have a big toy box just for us dogs? So many toys, and so little time!

I like to go on walks with my sisters and mom or my favorite dog sitter, Miss Elizabeth. Mom is usually home, but if she needs to go out for a while Miss Elizabeth comes over and plays with us all and gives us treats! I also love our big back yard. Dad extended the fence so that we have lots and lots of safe room to play, and I can get into the yard now right from the small side stairs of the deck! Cool! I stand by the sliding door and that’s how mom and dad know I want to go outside. Smart, right?

The vet says I am doing so, so well. My coat is fully grown in. I am on new dog food and am only on thyroid pills and Apoquel for allergies. I feel so much better! My eyes are clear and my skin is not all flaky and itchy.
I am really a handsome boy—mom tells me this all the time!

In the evenings we all hang out and I chew on toys and get hugs and pats from mom and dad. I love to snuggle and give them doggie kisses. At night I sleep in my own bed and wake up eager to see what a new day brings.

I am so glad the great people at Brookline took me in and gave me this chance to have a good life. I miss my foster mom but love my new family. I am safe and loved and will always be grateful.
That’s all for now! I’ll write again, I promise.
Doggie hugs and kisses,