Winnie (FKA Miriam)

yellow Labrador Retrievers and womenyellow Labrador Retriever on back

My favorite story is the one about how I met my mommy! Mom says that she never really believed in love at first sight until she saw me. We met at this really fun party called Lagers for Labs. I got to walk around with my foster family and meet lots of really nice people, but the best part when I got to meet Mommy. My mom tells me that as soon as she saw me she knew that we were meant to be a family, and started asking everyone about me. Mommy found out all about my life- she learned that I was born with bilateral ectopic ureters and a bunch of other urinary problems, and because of that I leak a lot and need to wear diapers. Mommy also learned that I have been waiting to get a really big surgery to help me stop leaking but that my surgery may not work But mommy told me and my foster family that she would love me no matter what, so while I took a nap under the table, Mommy was filling out an adoption application for me on her phone. A few weeks later my mom that said she got a phone call from Brookline saying that my surgery didn’t go exactly as planned and that I was going to continue to leak and wear my diapers forever- they wanted to know if my mom still wanted to adopt me. My mommy said ‘Of course I do!’ and next thing I knew I went to go meet my forever family.

winnie at the beachyellow Labrador Retrievers and women in pool

I knew I was going to go live with Mommy, but what Mom didn’t tell me is all of the fun people that we live with! I got to go home with my Mom, grandparents, uncle, and their dog Otis! Otis is my very best friend in the whole wide world. We were excited to play together as soon as we met. Our favorite things to do together are wrestle, chew bones, and do zoomies together. I get to play every day with my Nana, Pop, and Otis while Mommy goes to work, and it is so much fun. I am so lucky to have not just a Mom but grandparents who loves me so much! I thought life couldn’t get any better but then a few months ago Mommy got us a new house with the biggest yard ever! I love it when we invite Otis over, and we get to chase each other around the yard. Mommy has been working really hard to figure out what works for us We found really good diapers and wipes, learned what shampoo is good for pee smell, and have figured out the best way to get my laundry clean. She has also found me some really nice doctors who are working hard to keep me as healthy as we can!

chocolate and yellow Labrador RetrieversThree Labrador Retrieves on grass

I love getting to go on adventures with Mommy and Nana. We go on walks, drive to get ice cream, go swimming, go on play dates, and I even got to go to the beach! Sometimes my mom also takes me painting on girls night and I get visit with all of my aunts. My mom says that I love to be the life of the party. Speaking of parties did I tell you that on my first birthday we had a giant birthday party and I got my very own cake!! It was so much fun and I slept the whole next day! I am having the best time with my forever family and I am so glad that my Mommy adopted me.

Thank you Brookline for taking me in when no one else would and loving me until I found the right family who would love all of me- diapers and all!
Winnie and her Mom (Gina)

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