We adopted Beau from Brookline in Nov. 2022 and Keira in Jan. 2024. Keira is the little sister Beau never knew he wanted. Someone to play with and someone to have sleepovers with….C&S


Rex came to us from Brookline in October 2023. Rex’s silly personality really fits in with our family. He is fun loving, playful, silly and lately coming into his own. He is a big snuggler and super friendly with people, dogs and cats. My cat (mitter) adores him and Kody (my other boy) is a totally different dog around him. He wants to play and socialize more than before. Kody now has a pal that he can play and snuggle with! Even though Rex has been with us for a few months we already have some silly nicknames for him (The big Mama Luka and The Big Galute). Scott and I are so thankful and happy that Rex is part of our lives and he already has special place in our heart





Molly is a 2-year-old chocolate Lab that came into my life in September 2023. Right from the start, I said I was given an angel. I was told that she came from a farm and lived in two other houses before she was rescued by Brookline. I couldn’t understand why someone would give up this sweet dog. When I got her, Molly was already house trained. She was the star dog at the training class, picking up commands faster than any of the other dogs. I believe Molly’s success was the result of all the hard work of Molly’s foster mom, Deb. Deb worked with Molly for months before I got her. She housetrained her and taught her commands like sit and stay. She socialized Molly with other people and dogs. Deb was so concerned about Molly that she drove from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to make sure Molly felt comfortable with me and her new home.

Molly’s success and the success of all the dogs that come through Brookline is because of all the hard work of the forest parents. Without these dedicated men and women working endlessly to provide food, shelter, and love, Molly and dogs like her would not have the opportunity to find their forever home.



After losing our beloved Bella, we revisited Brookline where we first met Sue S. before a family member found our Bella for us. Sue was so professional, friendly, and sensitive to our needs. She spent lots of time with us as we started the process of finding another rescue to love. It was Sue who turned us on to an older dog that she felt would be a great fit even though we were looking at younger dogs. Joe, who became Mojo, hadn’t been fostered yet as this was a new entry for Brookline, and Sue jumped right on it in our best interest.


We picked up Mojo from his owner who was surrendering him through Brookline. We reviewed a few available Labs that were younger, but Sue recommended that we take an older dog since we are both in our 70s. Her insight into how Mojo would fit in our family was spot on. From his first day, it was as if he had been our dog for years. He is 6.5 years old but
acts like a much younger dog: playful, energetic, intelligent, and affectionate. He came to us well trained and obedient (for the most part). Mojo loves to be with “his people” rarely letting us out of his sight. We live on 10 acres in the country, so he gets lots of opportunities to watch critters and has taught the local squirrels to stay on their toes. He loves to sit on our deck and survey the yard for whatever passes through. We’re trying to get him to swim by slowly introducing him to our above-ground pool where he loves to play with a tennis ball at the edge, but he isn’t comfortable yet in the deep water. Although, he readily swims in Lake Nockamixon nearby when he can walk from shallow to deep water, but a sudden plunge into the pool will take some accommodation.


Brookline and Sue did us a great service and favor. Mojo is a great addition to our lives and such a gift for both of us. I’d recommend Brookline to anybody looking to adopt a Lab or Lab mix. They are professional and sensitive to the needs of both the dog and soon to be new rescue owners. We couldn’t be happier!!